Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mary Jo Kilroy thinks Michelle Obama can save her

Guest posted by Bytor

To quote newlywed DJ Tablesauce, Mary Jo isn't very good at this. Unless you've been living under a rock all summer, its common knowledge that Democrats are going to take a hellacious beating this November, and that Kilroy is a prime example of the endangered Democrat. When even news outlets in other states bring up your name when talking about the coming wave, you know you are in deep doodoo.

Kilroy is trailing Republican Steve Stivers, 44-49, and has an underwater approval rating of 43-47. Her votes for Obamacare, Cap and Trade and the monstrous "Stimulus" bill have made her unpopular. Independents favor Stivers 47-41.

Mary Jo is in trouble because of her voting record, which aligns perfectly with the agenda of the Democrats and President Obama. She tried to distance herself a bit from her party by criticizing Charlie Rangel and calling on him to resign over his ethics scandals.

Apparently getting no results from that, she now is doubling down and is inviting Michelle Obama to come and campaign for her. Brilliant, Mary Jo. Even the left-leaning media described Michelle's recent and much criticized vacation to Spain as "tone-deaf". I'm sure the First Lady will be a big hit to voters here in Ohio, where unemployment is still in the double digits.

Perhaps Kilroy knows she will have a lot of spare time on her hands next year, and wants to be included in Michelle's next lavish taxpayer funded vacation to a foreign country.

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