Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strickland's Sunday Beat Down.

Guest posted by Jed Eckert.


It really could not be a worse Sunday for Strickland. He probably wanted to try to start the week out right, considering both Biden and Obama are making trips to the state this week.

Now, instead of weaving positive coverage out of the repeat visits, the Strickland camp is going to be fighting back stories about how the national party and the White House are airdropping in the President to stave off complete disaster in November. Clearly the state party and the campaign need all the help they can get, but with Obama being just as, if not more, unpopular than Strickland himself in the state, it's going to take something of a miracle for them to win the week.

From the Dispatch's monster front page...

To the Cleveland Plain Dealer destroying Ted over the sliming of an Ohio company...
"Gov. Ted Strickland did neither this region nor his candidacy any favors with his unwarranted political rant against Invacare Corp., a solid corporate citizen that has been an anchor of new-economy jobs in Northeast Ohio and that has worked to promote the state for new business investment. What was the governor thinking?"

To the Repository front page about job loss...

To the Dispatch's slam on Ted's Slow Train To Nowhere...
The proposed 3C passenger-rail line increasingly appears to be a plan that has put the caboose before the locomotive.
This looks looks like just the very beginning of another long, agonizing week for Ted and Ohio Dems.

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  1. Keep appearing with Obama, Ted. That's the ticket! He's very popular in Ohio!


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