Wednesday, October 6, 2010

About that joke of an "internal" Strickland poll...

The Strickland campaign is doing what every campaign does when things are going poorly - release their own "internal poll".

Well, perhaps they should fire their pollster.

Besides having an overall result(Ted +4) that goes against everything we're seeing in polling, there is one number that jumps out as being so overwhelmingly wrong that it discounts every aspect of the poll.
...a bare 51 percent majority of Republican voters are favorable toward Kasich..."
Really? Just 51% of GOPers are favorable of Kasich? REALLY?

This number is so incredibly off that I'm shocked they included it in their memo for fear of being laughed at by reporters.

Let's take a look at the three most recent polls taken in the past week gauging Kasich's favorability among GOPers:
  • Rasmussen has it at 92-7%.
  • Fox News has it at 78-8%.
  • And Quinnipiac, the Dems favorite pollster until they came out with their likely voter polls, has it at 85-4%.
With three independent polls showing exactly the opposite of what Strickland's team is claiming, how in the heck can the Strickland campaign expect to be taken seriously?

Perhaps the Strickland team failed to mention in their memo how they phrased the questions.
  • "John Kasich just gave you the middle you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him?"
  • "John Kasich just dropkicked your you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him?"
  • "John Kasich hates the movie 'Braveheart' you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him?"
  • "John Kasich is the guy responsible for Terrelle Pryor injuring his quadriceps versus you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him?"
What an absolute and total joke the Strickland campaign is becoming.


  1. LOL... a total joke that has closed the gap within three weeks remarkably... even you have noted so.

    What ever happened to your precisious RCP aggregate? You've not mentioned it in awhile?

    Is it because it's still within the margin of errors of most polls?

    You keep cherry pickin' buddy. Some of us who are actually in Ohio have some campaign work we can get done.

    BTW, you also kind of glossed over the whole Strickland's tracking has actually been confirmed by a majority of the public polling in a month.

    Yep, no John Kasich has gone entirely nuclear on taxes and solely negative on ads because he's sitting on a lead... LOL.

    I thought you lived in VA, but apparently it's just Denial.

  2. Who is cherry picking? He is talking about the Strickland poll. Duh. And he's right, those numbers are a joke.

    Keep ignoring the text of the posts and reading your imaginary polls indicating a Strickland lead all the way to November, modern. We're all enjoying the little sideshow you put on here everyday.

  3. I'm not freaking out. I'm laughing at you both.

    You no longer talk about the aggregate because it shows the race in a statistical dead heat.

    You misrepresent what Nate Silver said (for the third time in a row) and then argue that Silver says the race is over when he actually indicated that... the race is even tighter a week later and is in a statistical dead heat. You then call me a liar for pointing out that his projections have a margin of error, and then sheepishly have to walk it back because Keeling can't read a graph.

    On the day that only two polls come out and one says that Kasich's lead has been cut in half in roughly two weeks, you claim the polling shows Strickland's situation is "worsening."

    You keep pretending that this race isn't tight (even though you did last week.)

    A month later and a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Keeling is STILL claiming that the DGA is pulling out of Ohio... any day now.

    It's just a clown car of a comedy of errors with you guys.

    To say, *I'M* the one freaking out takes a serious case of self-projection I've ever seen.

    Have I said that polls show a lead for Strickland? No, I haven't. Yet again you guys attack me over something your delusional minds dreamed you wish I had said, but didn't.

    I'm enjoying watching this blog just fall apart of this. It's fascinating.

  4. Ill say this for you modern. You are consistent. No matter how bad the story is for Strickland, you still find some twisted way to claim that its really not bad news and trot out the same old insults about Jon being clueless, in VA, etc... *yawn*

  5. That's the best you got Bytor for Kasich's evaporated lead in the aggregate?

    Wow. Weak.

    Speaking of clowns in campaigns who should be fired. I loved how Kasich used a convicted felony forger and thief to attack Strickland. That was brilliant.

  6. You mean the aggregate that still shows a kasich lead? Am I supposed to be shocked that it fluctuates? Hang on to hope there Mr. 42%.

  7. Two weeks ago, that aggregate was 10.7%. A week ago, it was 4.2. Same as it is now. And yet, you clowns say its deteroriating for Strickland. 4.2 is putting the race within the margins. And you needed another Quinny poll to keep it that high.

    It hasn't fluctuated; it dropped like a rock. But you guys keep telling yourself everything's fine.

  8. I fail to see where anyone says it is deteriorating. It has to be going somewhat well before it can deteriorate. It hasn't gone well for Strickland all summer. He's an incumbent sitting at 42%.

    The poll they put out is a joke. Anyone who suggests that only half of Republicans approve of kasich is crazy.


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