Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BREAKING: Kasich outraises Strickland by 30%.

Campaign Finance reports were due today.

And Kasich shallacked Strickland.

In contributions received, Kasich raised $2.08 million to Strickland's $1.60 million.

Add in in-kind contributions and we have Kasich at $2.25 million to Strickland's $1.7 million.

For once, Strickland didn't have to rely on the Ohio Democratic Party to supplement his report. And it showed. But it is surprising that the Governor was only able to pull in $1.6M after enjoying fundraisers with a former President Clinton and Vice President Biden.

What was missing from Strickland's report? "Significant chunks of money" from the DGA.

From the 9/22 Dispatch:
Although the Republican Governors' Association has dominated the television airwaves this summer with its series of "Strickland doesn't get the jobs done" ads, Daschle said DGA has "moved a significant chunk of money to the Ohio Democratic Party for their efforts (to support Strickland). I don't think the Republicans have done the same thing."
But the only cash contributed to Strickland from the ODP this cycle was about $96,000 in in-kind costs for things like postage, printing, and salaries.

Does that really qualify as a "significant chunk of money", especially when you compare it to the amount of money the RGA continues to spend on Kasich? Sure, the DGA did put another ad into the rotation, but there are no indications that they are willing to invest nearly as much into a race that seems more and more hopeless for Strickland every day.

But ultimately, what this comes down to is what each candidate was able to raise going into the final month of the campaign.

Fundraising is a significant measure of momentum and confidence in victory. This fundraising report indicates Kasich has it. Strickland doesn't.


  1. Um, the DGA money when to the ODP for GOTV.

    And the DGA has spent money on advertising.

    God, you are pathetic how blatantly you will lie to help Kasich.

    Strickland's fundraising was hurt for half the month because the only polls out at the time said Kasich had a double-digit lead. That hurt his momentum.

    However, Kasich did not see a bump in his from August. Nor is the $400k more he raised enough to erase Strickland's overall cash-on-hand advantage. Which means that Strickland will still be able to out air Kasich 3:1 like he did last month.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. It "when" to the ODP for GOTV, eh? How much? I'm curious what a "significant chunk" looks like.

    And I mentioned advertising, doofus.

    Kasich didn't see a bump?

    And you call ME a liar? LOL!

    Kasich raised $1.28 million in August.
    He raised $2.02 million in September. That's not a bump? Are you nuts, or just being intellectually dishonest, or maybe misleading? Hard to pick on that one.

    Also, we don't have expenditures in this report. Ads cost money. Especially when you are buying them at 2-1 the way Strickland has been. You honestly are trying to claim Strickland's COH figure hasn't changed despite all these buys? Seriously?

    Oh, Modern. You're silly.

  3. John, you are evil, Kasich is evil, anyone that is not willing to perform fellatio on Strickland is evil.

    Esquire, you're spiel has gotten old. If you get so angry reading this blog, go back to blowing Strickland,

  4. Sorry, Keeling, I forgot that Kasich's numbers dropped from August. So, Ted's worst month this year is still nearly half a million worse than Kasich's worst.

    Ted's also busy--you know--campaigning where Kasich hasn't been on the campaign trail at all. In the past, that means he's been busy raising money.

    Kasich's campaign has also been notoriously wasteful in their spending. In June, Kasich's campaign manage to spend more than Strickland did even though Kasich wasn't on the air and Strickland was.

    You forget that Strickland is able to outpace Kasich on air for two reasons: 1) he's had no less than a $2 million CoH advantage the entire race, and 2) Kasich spent heavily in ads in August, despite NOT raising more money than Strickland. Kasich's ad buy in August may have been enough to double Strickland's CoH advantage. This one month of fundraising isn't enough to close that gap to make that much of a difference.

    Maybe that's why Kasich has CUT back on his advertising....

    Doofus, you've been trying to say for over a month that the DGA is pulling out of Ohio. And yet, all evidence here in OHIO, is to the contrary. The DGA is as invested in Ohio as much as the RGA is.

    Has Strickland's CoH advantaged change over the month? Sure. But it's probably right back to where it was BEFORE Kasich's late July -August advertising spree when Strickland aired no ads, which means over $2 million. This one month isn't enough to dent it, especially since Strickand's fundraising picked up, oh say, right after the Ohio Poll came out.


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