Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Gubernatorial Debate: Quick Analysis

Anyone else still astounded that Strickland took so much time to defend the dirtiest word in American politics today - "stimulus"?

Anyways, Kasich performed just as well as he did the first go around.

Ted? Not as much. I think he was trying to convey the energetic tone he's been trying to push the past couple weeks and instead it just looked sloppy, out of control, and sometimes just plain angry.

The Governor had a good opportunity right out of the door with the question on solar power in Toledo. But Kasich's focus on what's most important - working to develop jobs of all types across all industries - definitely came off far better than Strickland's narrow scope.

While Strickland wanted to keep hitting Kasich with the super focus-grouped evil word - "outsourcer" - it was easily slammed back in his face thanks to that silliness of sending cash and jobs down to El Salvador.

I think Kasich could have done a better job hitting Strickland for his mega-flip flop on gambling. Strickland's position shift was a clear exhibit of Strickland's total and complete lack of principle and character.

Strickland also seemed to keep claiming superiority over our neighbors - specifically calling out Indiana. It's too bad that since last year Indiana has created nearly 6 times as many jobs as Ohio. And guess what, their Development department is closely structured to what Kasich's JobsOhio plan calls for.

Either way, not much news was made this evening. Unless Chris Redfern drops another F-Bomb in the press room.

A Kasich win. But not a gamechanger for either candidate.

26 days to go.


  1. Last time you declared victory for Kasich, he lost six points in is aggregate average lead.

    LOL. Kasich can't hit Strickland on gambling because he admits that he still has no position on something that passed in 2008.

    Kasich didn't get the jobs done. The bleeding continues.

  2. Um, Keeling, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics disagrees with you. There is no way Indiana has grown six times as many jobs this year as Ohio. Indiana would have to have grown 180k jobs to have have grown six times as many as Ohio has this year. The actual number is more like 40k.

    You've exaggerated Indiana's job growth this year by nearly a factor of FIVE.

  3. You said since last year. That would mean this calendar year. Now, if you want to arbitrary shift the comparison point simply for a political sound byte. Go right ahead. But at least admit it.

    So far this calendar year, Indiana has not shown the kind of dynamic jobs growth over Ohio. At all, let alone the exaggerated amount you claimed in your post.

  4. Modern, per usual, tries to pick the fly poop out of the pepper. Can anyone realistically say that Strickland will take the bold steps necessary to make Ohio's business climate attractive for businesses? He is a paper-shuffler and does not have the creativeness to do what is necessary.

  5. Ted Strickland passed budgets that cut taxes 17%. He's passed tax repeals to attract the next generation of energy jobs to Ohio. He's cut state spending by billions after decades of double-digit per capita growth.

    John Kasich can't even say he'll cut taxes more in the next four years as Strickland has done. Hasn't even claimed it.


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