Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Richard Cordray's misplaced priorities.

The ODP's golden boy seems to fancy facebook a little too much.

From a recently e-mailed Mike DeWine press release:
DeWine's criticism centers around the $1,535,760.00 public relations staff that Cordray has amassed.

The PR staff includes Cordray’s top media person, who is paid nearly $40,000 more than Nancy Rogers paid her top media person and about $12,000 more than Marc Dann paid his top media person, and two positions created by Cordray – a "senior new media designer" and a "senior new media strategist," who are each paid about $53,000 per year to update the attorney general’s four social media accounts.

Based on activity on those social networks, the attorney general’s office is paying $155- per tweet or Facebook update in the first half of 2010. During that time, there were at least two vacant positions in the DNA laboratory of the state crime lab and dozens of other vacancies at the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI), most of which remain unfilled.

Additionally, public records show that there are more than 45 employees at BCI – including forensic scientists, forensic computer specialists and BCI special agents – who are paid less than Mr. Cordray’s Facebook and Twitter staff.
$155 per tweet? It's a good thing Lis Smith isn't paid that way. Strickland would be broke.

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  1. Seems like wasteful spending by Kenneth the Page Cordray. Judging from his TV ad, he excels at talking, stopping to look up and smile and walking in slow motion.


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