Monday, October 4, 2010

Stay down.

2010 has been a flatline for Ted Strickland.

Check out the blue line.

Going back to the CNN/Time poll released on Sept. 14th, Ted Strickland's average level of support in each of the seven polls has been 43.3%. This does not include the "internal" pro-Strickland poll released by the Center for a Moderate Majority which listed Strickland's support at 41% and beating Kasich by a single point.
[DJ sidenote: The Center for a Tablesauce Majority produced their own poll this weekend. The sample included my wife, my brother, my tropical foliage plant, my dog Maddie and three people I ran into at the Ohio State bar in Georgetown on Saturday. Kasich won 85-15. I'm gonna have to do a better job convincing my dog.]
Over the course of these past 9+ months, and despite all of his efforts to convince Ohioans that everything is going just fine, Governor Strickland has been unable to improve his own level of support.

With 29 days to go, Ted Strickland has to find a way to do something he has failed to do all year, and I don't mean introduce a new idea to bring jobs to Ohio.

He needs to convince the skeptics that he can Turnaround Ohio.

As we've been saying since this race began, this election is first and foremost a referendum on the incumbent. The big challenge for an incumbent seeking re-election in an environment like this is convincing those final 6.8% that have shunned you all year to come to your side.

And that's something a commercial like this will make very difficult for Ted Strickland.


  1. Wow. You had to hire an out of state actor to attack Ted Strickland. (And yet, you attack the Strickland campaign for using an actual Ohioan in more than one ad) Budget busting? Spending has gone DOWN, not up.

    Tax raising? Taxes are down, not up. Man, you guys will say ANYTHING to get elected.

    The RGA has spent MILLIONS blaming Strickland for the economy. Only 5% do. That's virtually unchanged since BEFORE the RGA spending spree.

    All that Kasich is offering is a noun, a verb, and "under 400,000 jobs."

    BTW, what ever happened to the Jon Keeling who said that blaming Ted for those loss jobs was intellectually dishonest?

    I love that you polled people who don't live in Ohio, btw.

    Ted Strickand just went on the air with positive ads less than two weeks ago. Too soon to tell if they've had an effect on the polls.

  2. Modern, please.

    What is wrong with you, I really want to understand you.

    Here is my question, if you think Keeling and his blog are a waste of time, filled with lies and has no effect, why do you give him a platform? Why do you care.

    You comment on 90% of the posts here, he never comments on yours.

    You write about him, more than ANYONE.

    Now to the Ted campaign. Did Ted run a negative ads from the start, so if Kasich is just now going negative, it is in response to his negativity. The fact is, Kasich has run the positive campaign of the two.

    On another note, this is the best ad of the cycle. I thought that Ted's "Angry" ad was the best until this emotional bomb shell dropped. When it came on in a packed bar for the OSU game, the place went silent. I looked around, the looks on the faces of the people around me looked of despair and real anger toward the Governor.

    He will lose, and it will be because of this message. "400,00 jobs lost is the only record that Ted Strickland has to run on, so he runs away."

    Oh, and Stop stealing Biden's Jokes. You already have worse hair, Esquire ;)

  3. ME writes:

    "Ted Strickand just went on the air with positive ads less than two weeks ago. Too soon to tell if they've had an effect on the polls."

    My question: If Srickland is so wonderful, why has he run negative ads until two weeks ago?

    Bush's fault, I'm sure. Maybe Waahhh Street's too.


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