Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yet another indication of Obamacare's failure.

Nearly a million workers won't get a consumer protection in the U.S. health reform law meant to cap insurance costs because the government exempted their employers.

Thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald's (MCD) and Jack in the Box (JACK), won't be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which provided a list of exemptions, said it granted waivers in late September so workers with such plans wouldn't lose coverage from employers who might choose instead to drop health insurance altogether.
If Obamacare was a good piece of legislation, this simply would not be happening. Major policy shifts aren't supposed to have exemptions that effect one million people.

This is just more evidence of...


  1. And what law created the waivers? The health care reform law.

    And why did they include that provision? To eliminate the risk and to respond to a direct talking point from the GOP.

    This waiver process allows people who have insurance to keep the insurance they have while expanding access to affordable health insurance that presently don't have that access.

    You really, REALLY, don't understand what you read much, do you?

  2. So they built into the law that a single government official in the executive branch has the power to determine who the law applies to and who it doesn't?

    So potential corruption and political favortism is built right in? And you call it a feature.

    That's really something to be proud of there.

  3. Furthermore,

    what's the point of the law then, if it isn't applied equally?

    Ever read Atlas Shrugged? We're entering that world more and more. It's all about who you know if Washington now.

    The point is, this was never about health care. It's about control. In that respect, Obamacare is a success.


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