Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Kaptur Files

Guest posted by Bytor

Democrat Marcy Kaptur represents Ohio's 9th district, which runs along Lake Erie from Toledo into southern Lorain County. She has been in Congress a long time. First elected to Congress in 1982, she has one of the safest seats in Ohio and has never really seen a serious campaign against her. Until now.

Businessman Rich Iott has invested much of his personal wealth into his campaign, and this week released a new website titled, The Kaptur Files, which is a record of her liberal record of wasteful spending. It also details her record of giving earmarks to her largest donors, and even the recent scandal where she assisted another big donor in getting around a new ban on earmarks for for-profit companies.

Iott may still be a long shot to win. But I can tell you that in previous years, I never saw so much as a yard sign from her opponents, where as this year, Iott even has several of the large ones in high traffic areas in my part of the district. He is also travelling and campaigning more extensively than any of the previous sacrificial lambs offered up by the GOP. Marcy actually has to campaign this year.

Of course, she also voted for Obamacare and Cap-n-Tax. She also won the Honor of "Porker of the Month" for July from Citizens Against Government Waste. If the Republican wave that is coming turns into a rout, this district could be an election night surprise.

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