Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preview of Obama's Ohio appearance tomorrow...

Tomorrow President Obama comes to Ohio....again. Or, more specifically, Parma.

The reason? Well if you ask the President's press secretary it's because that's the area where John Boehner gave his speech on the economy not too long ago.

My friends, this is called "boosting your opponent's profile", and it's extremely foolish. It provides Boehner a stronger voice and provides the GOP with a stronger leader able to communicate the Republican message more powerfully. After all, when it comes to communicating a message, one strong voice is better than a chorus of lesser voices.

But as for the President's visit to Parma itself, here is my preview of the event.

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  1. Apparently, he thinks that Strickland and the other Dems aren't in enough electoral trouble that he needs to come and drive their numbers down lower.


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