Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Republican challengers own Independents

In a purple state like Ohio, winning Independents can be key to winning an election.

And for the several challengers to congressional Democratic incumbents, this new poll from Gallup is extremely good news.

Pay particular attention to the Independents column:

In other words, in a hypothetical race between a Republican challenger who has not served in Congress and a Democratic incumbent currently in Congress, the Republican wins Independents 48-13.

That, my friends, is a buttkicking.

And it's also very good news for Steve Stivers, Jim Renacci, Bob Gibbs, Tom Ganley, Bill Johnson, and Rich Iott.


  1. So, are we just going to whistle past the fact that the GOP lost a ten point lead in the generic congressional ballot in just a week?

  2. Just how it jumped once a few weeks ago then reverted? No, I'm not.

    If it becomes a trend over 2-3 weeks, then yes, I will be less confident.

  3. That's a thin straw you're grasping onto, Modern.

    Gallup's survey is jumping all over the place. Who knows whats going on over there. But others are staying steady, and pretty much all indicators are pointing towards a bloodbath.

    But, I suppose you can keep yourself in denial for a few more weeks. After all, you said yourself that "This is no 1994, GOP. Not even close."


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