Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yeah, about that solar power plant...

You likely have heard about the new Solar power plant that Strickland announced this week.

What you may not have noticed is that it's far from a sure deal and still a long way from actually happening.
"All of these things are in motion," said David Wilhelm, a partner in New Harvest Ventures, part of a joint venture developing the array. Wilhelm also is a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. "None of them are certain as we speak here today, but we are confident on all scores."

Sam Randazzo, a Columbus lawyer who represents a coalition of major industrial energy users, said it's difficult to analyze the feasibility of the project without more details. But he's dubious.

"There have been a lot of these kinds of announcements, more of them around election time, and most of them never turn into anything," Randazzo said.
Seems to me like Strickland's announcement was a weeee bit premature, eh?

But hey, at least it will help the Governor's hopes for pulling this election out, right?


By the way, anyone heard how that Piketon Power Plant is coming along?

Yeah, the one the Governor announced with all kinds of fanfare all the way back in June of 2009.

Oh, it isn't coming along? At all? Seriously?

Anyone sensing a trend?


  1. Isn't that the same Sam Randazzo who's donated $4,500 to the Kasich campaign this year? Yes, yes, it is.


  2. Does that make him wrong? Do you sell your personal integrity that cheaply? Sounds like you're projecting your own issues onto Mr. Randazzo.


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